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Our Work

Active Studies

S.I.S.T.E.R.S. Study - Sisters in Step to Eat Right with Support Study

Recruitment opens now! Study begins in early February 2024.

S.I.S.T.E.R.S. is all about testing how to improve weight loss programs for Black women. This winter/spring , we will work with eligible women interested in weight loss through healthy eating and exercise. More details to come. Please check back here or https://www.sisters-study.com/ to learn more.


The PoWeR (Postpartum Black Women in Weight loss Research) Study

Join now! Recruitment open September 2023.

If you are a Black woman who has given birth in the last 12 months, we want to talk with you!

Let us meet to discuss eating and exercise habits of Black mothers who delivered a child recently. We are also interested in knowing what support could help Black mothers to eat healthy and move more. The short study will consist of a brief virtual interview. All participants will receive $50 for their time. Scan the QR code on the poster and complete the short survey to see if you are eligible.

Completed Studies

Well Talk

Well Talk – A study to understand eating, exercise, and support

In this project we spoke with Black American and Afro-Caribbean women living in Central Connecticut about their eating habits and physical activities - what works and what doesn’t - in sticking with their healthy eating and exercise goals. Thank you to all who participated! We will use this information in the future to build a program that supports healthy eating and physical activity for women of color.

NourishThis new research is done in collaboration with Dr. Dori Steinberg, Principal Investigator of Nourish and Director of the Duke Global Digital Health Science Center. The study we will undertake aims to increase the representation of black adults in Nourish, a smartphone-based to improve eating habits for those living with high blood pressure. We will conduct focus groups and test recruitment methods to support gathering a diverse pool of participants.

Sisters in HealthThis 2017 program was designed to help black women reduce weight by improving eating habits and moving more. We compared standard weight loss program activity with culturally relevant physical activity, that reduces obstacles to exercise experienced specifically by black women.


What women had to say about "Sisters in Health."

"We just bonded in the class knowing and respecting that everyone is different and we will not have the same results. Sharing thoughts and supporting each other to help obtain our goal set for us."

"Sisters in Health is there for you...big, small, young or old.  The Sisterhood helps you to achieve your goal and if you don't, it's okay. You now know the means of a healthier lifestyle..."